Friday, November 17, 2017

Turnabout Is Fair Play...Concord & 9th

Today I have been playing a Turnabout stamp set (Christmas Cheer) from Concord & 9th.  I really love the graphic art/retro feel of the set.  It came as a bundle with a really cool banner die too.  It was a little confusing at first, getting the big stamp in the correct orientation, but after that it was smooth sailing.  I added detail with a white pen and a sparkle pen too.  And even though I didn't get a few of the fill-in stamps positions precisely, I don't think it's glaringly obvious.  I'm looking forward to playing with this some more.  Maybe embossing the whole thing in white?  There's lots of possibilities with this set.  

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

I've Been Spotted by My Favorite Things!

Woo Hooo!  I got a "I've Been Spotted" from My Favorite Things for my pile of lip balms treats I made for our trick or treaters!!!  I made 50 of these and they were popular last night!  My husband even kept back a couple to take to work!  They were pretty labor intensive (I used the MFT Rip Strip die on the back panel too), but I did them in stages and listened to a good book from and the time went really fast!  I got the lip balm from a site called Bulk and I think I paid 32 cents a piece for them, which I thought was a great price!  Now if only I could get the "I've Been Spotted" image to transfer to this posting I'd be doing great!

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Solution for that "Problem Table Blotter"

Ok, I bought these great pads of grid blotter paper from Simon Says Stamp.  I loved the idea of keeping things cleaner and tidier.  But I was REALLY HATING the way the corners of the pad would curl up, even if I had the loose edge away from the edge of my table. Grrr.  I hate that kind of untidiness.  Call me obsessive, I can take it.  So-BRAINSTORM!  I used to have this antique desk blotter (God only KNOWS what my ex did with THAT!) but anyway, it had beautiful brass corners to keep your blotter paper in place.  So my work-around was to cut 2 pieces of medium-thin acetate, 2 inches wide and about 6 or 7 inches long and made my own corner pockets for my blotter!  I adhered the acetate on the back board of the blotter with Scortape.  And I must say, simple though it is, it's been one of my better ideas lately.   It satisfies my mania, so yay!

Thursday, July 13, 2017


Long time no write, right?  Been occupied with various selling sites.  I have taken "lighten the load" to the extreme!  I sold my Cricuts, Cameo and Big Shot Plus.  I sold ALL my 12x12 papers, my Derwent watercolor pencils, my Polychromos pencils, ALL of my wood mounted rubber stamps, some of my unmounted stamps with dies, and a BUNCH of beads and I'm sure there's more that I'm forgetting.  For the first time since I moved into my craft room, I have more ROOM than I have STUFF.  And it feels great!  I have weeded and reduced until I can't think of any craft stuff to get rid of.  Don't get me wrong, I still have my Big Shot, and stamps,  dies and ink until I die, but I feel free.  I got to the point that all my STUFF was weighing me down and so I was LESS creative than I was when I had LESS STUFF!  What I HAVE decided to acquire a reasonable collection of Copic markers.  Yep, I have jumped on that expensive band wagon.  But I am not going to go nuts with my collection.  I am going to form a workable collection, this many greens, this many blues, this many reds etc etc.  One of the main reasons that I decided to do the Copic route is that my favorite stamp line, My Favorite Things, has a store a couple hours away and they have a REFILL service!  So just take your dry marker over and get it filled up.  MUCH cheaper and more reasonable than owning every damn refill for every damn marker.  So there's that.  Also I am in LOVE with the Copic work of Jane Allen and I want to be able to get the results she gets.  So for a few hours today I have been practicing eyes and working with various media (medium?).  With Prismacolor pencils, with Stabilo markers, with inks and brushes and Copics and every darn thing I could think of.  Jane does the most amazing things with no line coloring and I am so totally in awe.  And I am taking another class with her over at MFT in October so I am going to be ready for this one by God! The last one was pretty much a wash for me because I HADN'T worked with my pens.  Yeah I know, silly.  But I just figured "how hard could it be?".  So I am going to continue working on my Copic technique, TRY to get better at them and for that you need practice-practice-practice!!!  So here is some of my practice:

Eyes have always been so hard for me.  They're so important, windows to the soul and all that.  But I think I made some good progress today with my eyes and my Copic confidence level too.

Monday, April 10, 2017

And it continues...

This morning's updated picture.  (Unfortunately you can see me in my pajamas too.😒)  At this point all that is left to do is attach the hinges to the doors (12), hang the doors (5),  install the magnetic closures on the doors (4 or 5)  and then clean all the glass and I am DONE!  This morning I cleaned all the excess wood filler from the hinge holes and found that I really needed to paint over those areas because the wood filler discolored the paint a little.  So that paint needs to dry, otherwise I would be hanging doors right now.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

A day of little details.

Well, it doesn't seem like I got a lot done today on the hutch but there are so many little things!  I put all the knobs on the doors (I decided to go with a decorative black metal instead of the clear glass.  They definitely add a little pop, rather than the glass knobs that just blend in.  Also using black hinges.)  I filled in all the screw holes from the old hinges.  Touched up paint here and there.  Now tomorrow my list is:

Clean off excess wood filler.
Install glass shelves.
Attach hinges.
Hang all doors.
Add magnetic closure on all doors.

Then DONE!  I can hardly wait to see it done with the lights on!   YAY!!!

My husband REALLY likes it (despite his natural antipathy for painting over natural wood)!  And I have to say myself, it IS really pretty.

I think I will let the paint really set up though before I put things in it.  In this humid climate paint just takes it's own sweet time to dry! Darn it!  Tomorrow I will post the before and after pictures!

I have to say it...GO ME!!!!!!

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Another day closer!


Install (and) level shelf supports DONE
Fill and paint screw holes in supports DONE
Install glass shelves
One more coat of paint on 1 inside door DONE
Install glass in one door DONE
Install glass in hutch DONE
Put knobs on all doors
Put hinges on all doors
Install doors
Final paint touch-ups

The red notations are things I did today.  It depends on how long it takes for the glass caulking to dry whether I will do anything else.  Caulking was a messy business, no matter how tidy I tried to be.  The good thing is that since it's white silicone it blends and almost disappears AND it is easy to tidy up after it is dry (if you happen to have a smear on the glass, just a little scrape with a razor blade and done).  But it went a lot faster than I thought it would, that was a nice surprise.  

When the caulk is dry, I can clean the glass, install the glass shelves and attach all the knobs.  That will probably be all I'll do today.  I MIGHT have Don help me with the hinges tomorrow, but I hesitate.  Only because I want to (like a little kid) "Do it ALL by myself".  Or in baby language "ME DO!!!!!!"  😉