Thursday, July 12, 2018

MFT Summer School-White Space

Here's my take on the White Space challenge for Summer School.  Nothing like squeeking in at the last minute!  I wish I could capture the real thing a little better.  The white is all wood textured cardstock.  There's also a little sparkle on the pink heart and "hugs".

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

My Favorite Things-Summer School-Complimentary Colors and Thanks!

My Favorite Things-Summer School-Complimentary Colors
I took a more pastel take on this challenge.  I seem to need a lot of thank you cards lately.  Guess I have a lot for which to be thankful!  I'll go along with that!  

Saturday, July 7, 2018

My Favorite Things-Summer School-Repetition

My example for the Repetition Class in My Favorite Things Summer School, session one.  Using one of my favorite things-Neenah Desert Storm card stock and RED.

My Favorite Things-Summer School-Symmetry

So here is another card made for the first week of My Favorite Things Summer School.  This is an example for the Symmetry class.  This card was also a good exercise in Clean & Simple, which is often hard for me.

My Favorite Things-She Loved Mysteries Tunnel Card

This tunnel card is one that I made MONTHS ago.  I had started to post it to my blog, apparently, but didn't finish and just found it in my DRAFTS folder.  But anyway, here it is.  Using several of my favorite stamp sets and dies.

Post-Irma: Still in recovery mode

This is another entry to my blog that I didn't finish and found in my DRAFTS folder!  Sheesh, Robyn!  Learn to press the post button already.  So this is from LAST SUMMER.  So only a year old.  I knew I had really neglected my blog, but had no idea it had been THAT long!  YIKES!  But I left it in-if only as a timely reminder for myself-BE PREPARED and trust in God for all things!

I have to say, we were incredibly blessed to have escaped Irma with no damage, only discomfort, some expense and inconvenience.  We lost power Sunday night, during the height of the storm in our area, and it was not restored until Thursday evening.  We still had water, but were under a "Boil Water" restriction.  Our yard was a mess (to say the least) but none of our ancient trees toppled or even lost any big branches.  We were well-prepared for some things and have learned that there are somethings we would do differently.  Since my husband is a public servant, one of Florida's first responders, he had to leave home and go to work Sunday morning, knowing that I would be alone at home with 2 cats and a dog, and knowing that he wouldn't be home again until Wednesday.  It was scary at times, being alone during the height of the storm, in the dark.  It's way different being alone during a storm with all the power on.  One of the things we are definitely going to do next time (or rather BEFORE next time) is get a generator.  If only to keep from losing all our food in frig and freezer and to run a few fans and lights.  I think that the heat was the hardest for our English Bulldog, Finnuala.  Bulldogs have breathing difficulties anyway, and chubby ones are worse off, and even worse when they are hot.  I tried to put her in the cold shower a couple times (which she did NOT appreciate at the time) but afterward she did seem a bit happier.  I know I sure enjoyed those cold showers after working outside all day.   Also we are going to get a portable A/C unit that can move around from one room to another.  Like I said, a learning curve.  But BLESSED, for sure.  So grateful!

My Favorite Things-Summer School-Primary Colors

So for the first day of Summer School at My Favorite Things our task was Using Primary Colors.  Not something I really do that often.  At least with that goal in mind.
It was a learning process!  And if I could only learn WHEN TO STOP, this card would look quite different.  But it was fun, and that is half the goal I think.