Friday, March 24, 2017

China Hutch Re-Do Process

Most probably, no one will ever look at this post.  But for my own memories I wanted to capture a process picture of my first furniture re-do on my own.

I am really loving the blue on the back bead board.  I had to apply it in 2 pieces since my local Lowe's didn't have a sheet tall enough. But I ingeniously placed the seam exactly where a shelf will fall, so I think it will be well camouflaged.   I also tried to fill in the gap with wood putty and sanded the hell out of it.  So I'm happy with the 2 coats of paint on that.  I also painted the one little drawer blue and will re-line the bottom of it.  Since the bead board paint was still drying, I decided I would put the first coat of paint on the lower interior.  It's a rough coat, but all will be well I'm certain after the second coat.  I considered starting to paint the doors today, but I thought my luck was pegged for the day and decided to quit.

I have been enjoying the process of re-doing this piece.  I didn't think I would, but since I wanted it done, I was going to have to do it.  The key to my enjoyment is, I think, taking my time and doing things in stages.  I try to do some every day, but I'm not rushing to the finish line like I usually do.  It's become kind-of a zen thing. Just me, my china hutch and silence.  Not even music or a book playing in the background.  And I don't work on it when my husband is home.  I kind-of want to spring it on him all at once-finished in all it's glory.  Painting wood gives him a pang, but I think he'll agree that this looks better with paint than that ugly wood.   I know I'll love it, and that's the more important thing right now.    

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