Saturday, March 25, 2017

China Hutch Reno Notes

Now this is NOT my hutch.  It's a picture I found on Pinterest.  The reason I saved it is that it is enough like my hutch to give me a good idea about the results.  Also, I was trying to decide if I want to paint just the back wall in "Mint To be", so I was searching for other examples.  So I think I've decided that I will paint the entire inside of the upper part in the "Mint To Be".  Provided that I have enough paint, which I think I will.  That is going to simplify things alot!  YAY!  Today I put the second coat of paint on the inside of the lower cabinets (looks good) and fixed a couple spots in the paint of the bead board from when I removed the painters tape, and put the first coat of cream paint on the back side of the lower cabinet doors.  All is going almost alarmingly well.  I'm re-thinking my hardware though.  I have just pretty clear glass knobs picked out right now.  Do I want something a little more decorative?  Maybe I'll go online and look at Restoration Hardware and see what they have for hinges and knobs.

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