Friday, April 7, 2017

It's almost Done!!!

Wow!  This was a longer process than I expected!  But I think it is looking really good!  I ended up having to put 3 coats of paint on almost everything-which is so time consuming when you have to wait for proper drying between coats!  But considering what is behind me and what is left to do, it's almost done.  

Here is a list of what is left to do:

Install (and) level shelf supports
Fill and paint screw holes in supports
Install glass shelves
One more coat of paint on 1 inside door
Install glass in one door
Install glass in hutch
Put knobs on all doors
Put hinges on all doors
Install doors
Paint touch-ups

The only thing that worries me is installing the doors.  😨  I got new hinges and they are a bit different so it's not like I can just re-install them using the same screw holes.  So supporting the door and attaching the hinges at the same time will be a little tough.  I don't exactly have a lot of upper body strength and that drill weights a fricking TON!  And that line across the back, the seam in the 2 pieces of bead board, is exactly where the glass shelf will run so it will be virtually invisible.  Yay!  And another thing I am rather proud of is that I installed puck lighting (as you can see in the pic)! There are 3 of them so, as you can see, once the doors are installed they aren't visible but will light up the whole inside through the glass shelves!  And the lights have a motion sensor, which I attached to the top.  So no more having to open up the cabinet to turn on the display lighting!  Yes, I'm feeling pretty amazing!  😏

The thing with picking up a project that someone else has started is that you have to do some work-arounds regarding their choices and mistakes, or maybe just flaws in the piece.  You'll be working along, la de da, and then your reach something and say "What the hell!?" and then have to think up some resolution. 

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