Saturday, April 8, 2017

Another day closer!


Install (and) level shelf supports DONE
Fill and paint screw holes in supports DONE
Install glass shelves
One more coat of paint on 1 inside door DONE
Install glass in one door DONE
Install glass in hutch DONE
Put knobs on all doors
Put hinges on all doors
Install doors
Final paint touch-ups

The red notations are things I did today.  It depends on how long it takes for the glass caulking to dry whether I will do anything else.  Caulking was a messy business, no matter how tidy I tried to be.  The good thing is that since it's white silicone it blends and almost disappears AND it is easy to tidy up after it is dry (if you happen to have a smear on the glass, just a little scrape with a razor blade and done).  But it went a lot faster than I thought it would, that was a nice surprise.  

When the caulk is dry, I can clean the glass, install the glass shelves and attach all the knobs.  That will probably be all I'll do today.  I MIGHT have Don help me with the hinges tomorrow, but I hesitate.  Only because I want to (like a little kid) "Do it ALL by myself".  Or in baby language "ME DO!!!!!!"  😉  

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