Sunday, April 9, 2017

A day of little details.

Well, it doesn't seem like I got a lot done today on the hutch but there are so many little things!  I put all the knobs on the doors (I decided to go with a decorative black metal instead of the clear glass.  They definitely add a little pop, rather than the glass knobs that just blend in.  Also using black hinges.)  I filled in all the screw holes from the old hinges.  Touched up paint here and there.  Now tomorrow my list is:

Clean off excess wood filler.
Install glass shelves.
Attach hinges.
Hang all doors.
Add magnetic closure on all doors.

Then DONE!  I can hardly wait to see it done with the lights on!   YAY!!!

My husband REALLY likes it (despite his natural antipathy for painting over natural wood)!  And I have to say myself, it IS really pretty.

I think I will let the paint really set up though before I put things in it.  In this humid climate paint just takes it's own sweet time to dry! Darn it!  Tomorrow I will post the before and after pictures!

I have to say it...GO ME!!!!!!

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